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    Welcome.   Counselor‘s Room was founded in the spring of 2009 to help busy counselors like yourself find FREE life skill lesson plans and group activity ideas for school age children that are both LIVELY and FUN!.    We deliberately chose lesson plans that engage students with games and hands-on activities.    Liven up your worksheets with some of the wonderfully creative games and art projects suggested here.          


        We are dedicated to providing the best FREE Counseling information available on the web.     CounselorsRoom.com features group activity ideas and school counseling classroom lesson plans submitted by school counselors, social workers, and religious youth counselors just like you.   Also included are samples provided to us by educational publishers.        


        Browse our lesson plans by category and grade level.   Your planning has just gotten easier.   And now you‘re on your way to making your groups and lessons more focused and more fun.                                 



Share an original life skills lesson plan with the counseling community. You will touch the lives of thousands of students in ways that truly affect their future. What could be more rewarding!   To contribute a lesson plan


  Send us your pictures to put on this website.   We especially love pictures of students enjoying one of Counselor Room’s lesson plans!


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